A Little Lipstick

The painting featured was created by my talented grandmother.

My grandmother introduced me to beauty, a fascination that grew along with me. She had a wonderful seated vanity, a classic old-Hollywood-esque station with a large, wall-mounted and three-sided mirrors surrounded by exposed, round light bulbs. A glamorously upholstered chair bellied up to a generously-sized, three-sided countertop. Three drawers rose from the floor to the counter on either side of the seating area, which were filled with all kinds of cosmetics. From a young age, my grandma let me play to my heart’s content, but there was one drawer that was just for me: the one containing all her samples from Estee Lauder, Avon and others. Wonderful, pint-sized lipsticks, blushes and scented lotions galore just set the hook; the mold was cast; this began my lifelong love of all things hair and makeup!

She was the type of lady not to leave the house without a little something on her face, a little pulled together. She had wonderful taste and her own signature style, sometimes colorful and a little bohemian, sometimes refined and glamorous in pearls and red lipstick. A gifted painter, I would assume that she was naturally drawn to pretty things. She often made her own clothes and was an artistic and truly beautiful woman in so many ways.

For me, makeup isn’t something I have to do, it’s something I want to do. It makes me feel pretty and more confident, especially when I wear a bright lipstick. I am grown and my youth is quickly becoming middle age, but I find myself reminiscing about my beloved Nunny each day as I reach for my own stash of cosmetics. It’s so fun to wear winged eyeliner or try a new product. (I find that the packaging is half the joy of the cosmetics experience!) However, I’m yet to have the vanity of my dreams, which looks just like the one my grandmother had. Someday, when I sit in front of my dream vanity, it will all come full circle, and hopefully, perhaps I too shall be remembered for my love of beautiful things.

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