About jdestefanoart.com

I’m so glad you’re here! Thank you for stopping by.

I was blessed with artistic roots. My grandmother was a talented painter and my great aunt worked as a professional artist and illustrator. Her husband, my great uncle, spent his career as an industrial designer and dabbled in the abstraIMG_0210ct expressionism movement that was just coming alive.

My father began his engineering career as a draftsman and in retirement, discovered an affinity for watercolor. As a young child, I was always encouraged to paint and draw. I feel very fortunate to have been raised with a great reverence and value placed upon the arts, and especially to have access to the materials to try it myself. Art and writing were my two main hobbies as a child and I spent many hours writing and illustrating little storybooks.

As I grew into adulthood, I leaned into writing, studying communications at the University of Tampa. Over the next ten years I worked in various marketing and sales positions in the aviation field. Then, one ordinary day while driving to work, someone failed to yield at a traffic signal. This misfortune changed nearly everything, leaving me unable to work for a time. Stuck at home and in terrible pain, boredom drew me to start painting a little here and there. If there is a silver lining to that car accident, it is painting. I spent hours reading as much as I could about history, technique and anything else I found interesting. Though this changed my career course, I found my way writing, and through a couple commissions.

Painting releases that thing inside of me that longs to be freed. I take pIMG_2874ride in my originality and the care I take in each picture. I love color – or the restraint of it. Since 2014, painting has become a part of my every day life, bringing me a great deal of joy and satisfaction. I paint every day using oil as my preferred medium, but I sometimes tap watercolor and acrylic for their own special qualities. Oil painting is my absolute joy though — From mixing color, the lush consistency of the paints, and even the smell of linseed — These things all gift me a very special kind feeling of privilege.

I have many other interests, beginning with people. I have a diverse group of friends that mean the world to me, and I love making new buddies! I’ve held my private pilot’s license since 2004 and find great inspiration in the sky. I’m drawn to feathers, and often paint them; an icon of the freedom and beauty of flight.

I am grateful to be alive and enjoy a very blessed life.

Julie DeStefano