What Would Gandhi Say?


The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
– Mahatma Gandhi

We are fortunate to live in a culture that embraces the welfare of animals. This has not always been the case, but there is a powerful movement that seems to be garnering strength – from more consciously created products to improved conditions for food stock (cage-free eggs, for instance).

Furthermore, as an animal lover, I’m enjoying that its becoming more and more acceptable to bring my beloved dogs to many places. There’s a major push for adopting pets and reducing the heartbreaking number of unwanted shelter animals.

But where’s the concern for how humans treat humans? I am appalled by what I see: the hateful things people will say to another because of difference of opinion (especially from behind the screen of a computer or phone).  From where does this anger come? The level of disrespect that’s so casually expressed is shocking – It sets an example of the way we treat each other. When did this become okay?

I’m very old fashioned, and willing to acknowledge that I may be out of step with the times in many ways. But I’d rather be known for my grandmotherly beliefs than caught up in the contemporary cruelty.

I hope others will eventually tire of the bullying and seek more positive ways to expend their words and energy.

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